Memorial Wall for Sendong Victims

City Mayor Vicente Y. Emano suggested the Gaston Park as a possible location for a Memorial Wall for the Sendong victims.

Some officials and civic groups have expressed their desire to erect a Memorial Wall dedicated to those who were lost during the typhoon Sendong.

Among those who want this memoral wall are Senator Manny Villar together with his wife Cynthia, the Jaycees, and Congressman Rufus Rodriguez. Villar plans to build a Memorial Wall at the Golden Haven Cemetery in Bulua while Rodriguez decided to put one in Calacala, Macasanding, and another in Isla de Oro.

Mayor Emano, on the other hand, expressed his desire to have the city government construct a Memorial Wall in Gaston Park, near the St. Agustin Cathedral Church.

The Memorial Wall in Gaston Park will serve as a monument where the names of those who perished during the height of the typhoon Sendong flood will be written and where family members may visit and remember them.

The mayor clarified that the names of those who were missing may not be included in the Memorial Wall until they are officially declared.

“There is a law for that. If the law allows, the names of those who were missing may be included but the word ‘MISSING’ will be appended on their names,” the mayor said.

More than a thousand have died and were missing after typhoon Sendong struck the city last December 17, 2011.