Night Café/Night Market Is Back!

Night Cafe & Night Market suspension has been lifted.

In response to the pleas of the poor vendors at the Night Cafe and Night Market, this weekly affair will be back on its usual Friday & Saturday nights schedule after City Mayor Vicente “Dongkoy” Y. Emano lifted its temporary suspension.


Earlier today, a considerable number of vendors went to seek audience with the City Mayor to hand over their signed manifesto supporting the return of the Night Cafe operations.


This weekly event held at the Divisoria area had been temporarily suspended by the mayor in the wake of the typhoon Sendong aftermath. Thus, for the past 7 weeks, the vendors, most of whom depend on it for their living, had to patiently wait for its resumption. The lifting today of the suspension is cause for celebration for them.

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Night Café/Night Market Is Back!

Elation is written all over the faces of these group of vendors after City Mayor Vicente “Dongkoy” Y. Emano lifted the temporary suspension of night café/market operations which he imposed in the wake of the typhoon Sendong calamity.


It’s A Go For Night Café/Night Market

A group of vendors, most of whom depend on the night café/night market for their living, gathered in front of the Mayor’s Office with a manifesto supporting the mayor and the return of the Night Café/Market operations. City Mayor Vicente “Dongkoy” Y. Emano responded by lifting the temporary suspension, to the delight of the vendors.


2 thoughts on “Night Café/Night Market Is Back!

  1. Do these people pay their taxes. Some of these people are so braggarts as if they own divisoria. They should pay because they leave their mess and make CDO miserable. They occupy spaces intended for pedestrians such as the sidewalks.

    Please restore cleanliness and order within this city. Vendors are abound. They dominated the sidewalks

    • They do pay some form of tax/fee. You may have met a braggart among them, but in fairness, not all of them are. And there is a strict rule about cleaning up after their own mess. Those who violate this may not be able to sell again at the night cafe premises in Divisoria. Our night cafe is comparable to the nite markets in big cities like Bangkok or Singapore, and people who have traveled there say ours is a lot cleaner.

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