Additional 96 Families Moved to Tent City 2

A new batch consisting of 96 families have been successfully transferred to the Tent City 2 in Calaanan which took 5 days to complete.

Most of those who were moved were evacuees from the West City Central School in Carmen who were given priority for relocation in the 215 available temporary shelters in the Tent City 2.

The EMD (Estate Management Division) clarified that there was a little delay in the transfer of the families due to the meticulous evaluation and validation for every beneficiary. This is to ensure that those who are prioritized can be relocated accordingly.

The evaluation and validation, it was known, was strictly implemented by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), City Social Welfare and Development (CSWD), Estate Management Division (EMD), National Housing Authority (NHA), and Xavier University.

Depending on the outcome of the evaluation and validation process, a new schedule for transporting a new batch of evacuees may soon be set to occupy the remaining 119 vacant temporary shelters in Tent City 2.

The transfer of the families to the Tent City 2 commenced last February 2 using two six-by-six trucks from the 4th Infantry Division and two dump trucks from the city government.