CDO City Government works hand in hand with Red Cross, DSWD, IOM and XU in 10 hec. Lumbia relocation site

In the aftermath of the devastation wrought by typhoon Sendong, Lumbia has become the talk of the city after having been eyed as a 10 hectare relocation site for Sendong survivors by Red Cross, DSWD, International Organization for Migration (IOM) and Xavier University in partnership with the Cagayan de Oro City Government .

The Lumbia relocation site is currently being developed into 5 hectares temporary relocation and 5 hectares permanent relocation site that will shelter hundreds of affected and dislocated families from several flooded barangays in the city. The first 5 hectares of land was allocated for the construction of row houses where temporary shelter of families have already begun. The other 5 hectares of lands will also contain the permanent relocation of Sendong survivors where the next ground breaking will soon be held come February 25,2012.


Xavier University through its various donor partners has already started the construction of its targeted 500 row houses. At present, 102 households are already resettled temporarily in the Lumbia relocation site. It is hoped that at least 10 families will be provided temporary shelter every week. XU, in partnership with its various donors, have already built row houses complete with fire walls, separate comfort rooms, shower rooms, washing and kitchen areas. Electricity and water sytems are already in place and are being used by families for free at the present time. This endeavor has been made possible by the out-pouring of generous support from various donor partners through cash donations.

The Camp Manager from XU explained that the Gawad Kalinga – (GK ) concept will serve as a model in building the permanent houses in the other 5 hectares of lands. Under the GK concept that has long been practiced by LGUs all over the country, beneficiary families are made to participate in the actual construction of houses to instill in them a sense of ownership. It was targeted that all permanent houses will be constructed in six months time. After this process, beneficiary families will have to undergo orientation on values formation as part of the whole package of rehabilitation program.

International Organization for Migration (IOM) was said to have allocated a 10 Million budget for the construction of houses. IOM will focus on the construction of 46 units of bunkhouses where each unit will accommodate 5 families. All in all, 230 families will soon be given shelter through IOM’s own effort of relocating the survivors. Red Cross was also responsible for the provision of tents in the Lumbia relocation site as temporary shelter.

In this partnership of helping families rebuild their lives by providing the most basic human need for shelter, the CDO City Government through the City Social Welfare and Development (CSWD) have assisted Red Cross, DSWD, IOM and XU process the official list of all affected families deserving priority and secondary relocation. The CSWD made this possible due to their systematized and verified record of affected families from all barangays as the relief and rehabilitation efforts of the CDO City Government progressed.