VYE Teaches Opposition Better Tactics

mayor emano The object of the suspension and recall movement himself, Mayor Vicente Emano, instead of lashing out at the opposition, is giving hints and suggestions to the proponents of the recall movement regarding the right ways to make their cause of removing him more viable.

“The case they filed with Malacañang about their desire to have me suspended was sloppily prepared,” the Mayor stated.

It is known that the opposition has filed an administrative case against Emano appealing to the president to suspend the mayor if found guilty, after a thorough investigation, of contributing to the death of thousands when the typhoon Sendong struck the city.

“The prayer of the case they filed against me in Malacañang called for my suspension AFTER the investigation. What this means is, should I ever be suspended, it would first take a considerably long time because I would have to be investigated first. The better course of action would have been to ask the president that I be put under preventive suspension while the investigation is going on,” suggested the Mayor.

It was pointed out that it was Senator Koko Pimentel himself who brought the case filed against Emano to Malacañang. Pimentel is considered to be one of the pillars of the opposition in the city.

Besides the move for suspension, a signature campaign has been initiated and is continuing even now to cause a special election in line with the movement to recall Emano. But Emano contends that a recall takes a lot of work, and thus a long time to complete.

“They say they already have solicited thousands to join their signature campaign. But this is not necessarily an easy task because a verification for all signatures is required
to make sure that these were not fake, that the signatories are registered voters, that they are residents of Cagayan de Oro, that they were not coerced to sign. Really, takes a lot of work,” the mayor further said.

In addition, the lawyer who would certify the collection of signatures needs to be very meticulous and watchful as his career could be put on the line in case he certified a fake signature, an unregistered voter, a non-Cagayan de Oro resident, or a coerced signatory.

It was revealed that there have been several signatories who executed affidavits after they complained of being made to sign under the pretense of being given aid but later learned that the papers were those of the movement to recall Emano.

An important requisite of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) in order to hold an election in the city is the requirement of 45,000 signatures from registered voters of Cagayan de Oro.

A group called Save CDO Movement, composed of the opposition and the critics of Emano, initiated this signature campaign.