Pro-poor Program and Sendong (Last Part)

The permanent relocation that the city government is giving to thousands of homeless families means a new community will very soon rise in Calaanan, Canitoan in this city .

This new community which the Sendong victims will soon comprise, however, is not comparable to the evacuation centers where the beneficiaries have become so dependent on relief goods, food and other assistance delivered by concerned sectors, but will be an ideal community worthy of emulation.

The house-and-lots at the permanent relocation in Calaanan, according to Mayor Vicente ‘Dongkoy’ Y. Emano, are not ‘dole outs’ but are freely given to each beneficiary. They will be the occupants of these houses forever through certificates of award which the city government will issue.

As with all other pro-poor programs of Mayor Emano, particularly the ‘Singkwenta-Singkwenta Program’, the Estate Management Division (EMD) is the department that would be most involved in the supervision, monitoring, and management of the new community composed of typhoon Sendong victims.

EMD staff Rubina Castro, project-in-charge of the Calaanan Relocation, clarified that the city government, together with various government agencies, shall provide the necessary assistance in the form of livelihood projects for the beneficiaries.

“They will be taught in the field of livelihood. We will be profiling these folks so we can mark their skills and help them find jobs that best fit their skill levels,” said Castro.

Castor further added that the EMD shall conduct an initiative which include regular communication with the beneficiaries, strengthening of their spiritual convictions, and organizing them through the so called Community-Based Structure (CBS) where leaders shall be picked right from within their community.

The community will be put under the jurisdiction of the barangay council of Canitoan and will be encompassed by the rules and policies of the same barangay.

All in all, the 63 hectare lot acquired by the city government in Calaanan, intended for the “Land for the Poorest of the Poor Program” of the Emano administration, has taken on a nobler status inasmuch as it has not only addressed the problems of the victims of demolition and conflagration calamities, but has also served as an instrument to help the victims of the typhoon Sendong rise and get back on their feet.