The Good of the Many Outweighs the Good of the Few: A Sendong Hero’s Story

Bemedalled Ex-swimmer Saved Several Lives but Lost His Own During Sendong

Cagay-anons do not know him but he was a hero to the people he saved during the fury of the typhoon Sendong.

His name is Teodoro ‘Doyo’ Lauron, 46 years old, married, and a resident of Isla de Oro. He lost his life after saving several people during the height of the flood brought by Sendong last December 17, 2012.

An athlete in the ‘swimming event’ during the 80’s representing Misamis Oriental General Comprehensive High School (MOGCHS), Doyo garnered several medals in regional sports events within Northern Mindanao in 1984 to 1987.

Doyo put his swimming ability to its best and final use during the fury of Sendong as he rescued and saved nine lives by braving through the raging flood, dragging the victims and bringing them up to the roof of his house.

Kutob sa makalabay nga tawong naanod iyang salomon ug ibutang niya sa atop sa ilang balay,” Doyo’s mother, Valentina remembers.

One of those whom Doyo saved was Gloria Dalay when she was carried away by the flood. She was alone at the time because her husband was in Bukidnon but it was her good fortune to have been spotted by Doyo while she was being helplessly dragged by the rampaging waters.

Iya kong gilangoy ug gidala sa atop sa ilang balay. Layo-layo gyud ang iyang gilangoy, mga 200 meters gyud ang kalayo sa iyang gidad-an sa ako. Lakip ang akong mga anak ug apo iya gihapon giluwas,” Gloria recalls.

The couple Christopher and Beverly Solamin and their 3 children were also rescued by Doyo. A certain John Rey Dalay was also one of those Doyo saved.

After managing to settle the nine people he rescued on top of his house’s roof, his only daughter 13-year-old Nica suddenly fell off the roof unto the churning muddy waters below after a sudden surge shook the house.

Usa ra kabuok ang ilang anak. Ug pagkakita ni Doyo nga naanod si Nica mi-ambak dayon siya aron iyang i-rescue ang anak pero wala na siya nakatunga,” Valentina recalled.

Some survivors in his neighborhood believed that he might have fatally bumped onto a solid object as he hit the water. Nica’s dead body was recovered the morning after at Barangay Consolacion but Doyo’s is still missing even now.

Doyo’s mother added that some of the survivors whom Doyo rescued came back the next day with the intent to thank him, but were disappointed and saddened to know that their hero was gone.

Ang asawa nalang ni Doyo maoy nabilin. Wala na’y handumanan nga nabilin sa iya kay hasta ang iyang mga medalya sa swimming kaniadto naapil man og kaanod,” said Valentina.

Gloria, the couple Christopher & Beverly, John Rey, and the children whom Doyo saved can do nothing more but express their gratitude and pray for Doyo.

Hero gyud siya para sa amo. Nagpasalamat gyud mi sa iyang pag-rescue sa amo,” Beverly gratefully said.

Doyo’s wife Juana ‘Juaning’ Lauron remains very emotional until now due to the loss of her husband and their only child.