Concerned Group Donates Additional Classrooms for School @ Relocation Site

City Mayor Vicente ‘Dongkoy’ Y. Emano expressed his sincere gratitude to a group of concerned citizens who has pledged to donate two (2) classrooms in the Calaanan Relocation Site.

Edgar N. Mutya, a representative of the group, confirmed their desire to donate the classrooms during his meeting yesterday with Mayor Vicente ‘Dongkoy’ Y. Emano. Mutya disclosed that his group and friends in Japan shall shoulder the cost of the materials and construction of a 2-classroom building complete with a comfort room and playground. Another group, a women’s group from Davao, has also pledged to build a Health Center which is to be constructed very soon.

Dako kini ug ikatabang sa atong paningkamot nga dili mabalda ang pagtungha sa atong mga kabataan nga anaa karon sa Relocation Site. Gani, ato nang gisugdan karon ang pagtukod ug balor P4.8 Milyones nga two-storey, four-classroom school building dinha sa Pedro ‘Oloy’ Roa Sr. Elementary School sa Calaanan, Canitoan,” the mayor further said.