548 Beneficiaries To Complete 400-Hour Skills Training on April 30

Five hundred forty-eight (548) participants in the Technology-Based Community Skills Training Program for Typhoon Sendong Victims will formally complete their 400-hour training on April 30, 2012 1:00pm, according to City Mayor Vicente Y. Emano.

Among the free courses offered for the beneficiaries are beauty care services, general sewing, commercial cooking, massage therapy, automotive servicing, and welding.


560 beneficiaries registered for the training last March 22. 2012.

Representatives from the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) served as instructors/trainors for the participants in the 400-hour training, in partnership with the City Social Welfare and Development (CSWD) and the Community Improvement Division (CID) of the local government.

Ako naga-panghinaut nga ilang magamit sa panginabuhian ug panarbaho ang ilang natun-an sa maong skills training program aron hingpit na silang makabangon gikan sa trahedya,” the Mayor stated.

City Hall Policies Tightened Even More As VYE Sanctioned 47 Employees

City Mayor Vicente Y. Emano reiterated his warning to all city hall employees to strictly abide by its work policies and rules especially regarding their duties and responsibilies as servants of the people.

Just recently, the Mayor has sanctioned a record number of 47 employees which only showed that he really meant business in implementing the policies in city hall.

Of these 47 employees, 44 were penalized with salary forfeiture ranging from 2 to 3 days worth of salaries, while 3 were given 5 to 10 days suspension.

Walay si bisan kinsa nga maka-lingkawas sa pagpahamtang og silot-disiplina, opisyal ka man o’ yanong empleyado, silotan gayud ang angay silotan,” the Mayor again emphatically warned.

VYE Turns Over 1,561 Houses To PNoy

City Mayor Vicente ‘Dongkoy’ Y. Emano formally turned over 1,561 houses to qualified beneficiaries during the visit of President Noynoy Aquino and Vice President Jejomar Binay last April 27, 2012 at the relocation site in Calaanan.


Mayor Emano clarified that of these 1,561 houses, 1,200 are located in the Calaanan Relocation site and 200 in the Indahag Relocation site, all of which were constructed by the Habitat for Humanity; while 80 were made by the Filipino-Chinese Chamber, 30 by the Oro Habitat, and 51 by the local government, also in Calaanan.

During the occassion, the Mayor again expressed his gratitude to President Aquino, Vice President Binay, Social Welfare Secretary Dinky Soliman, all donors, volunteers, and others who were instrumental in creating the new communities for the survivors of the recent flood.




Awarding Certificates to the beneficiaries. PNoy, VP Binay, Dinky Soliman, VYE


VYE, Binay, Cong. Benaldo in one of the houses.


PNoy checks the straightness of the wall on the house where he (with Mayor VYE and VP Binay) laid some concrete blocks on a few months ago.

P7.9M for April 26 Financial Aid Distribution

A total of P7.9M was released to Sendong survivors from Bulua and Balulang during the April 26th Financial Distribution at the City Tourism Hall. During every financial distribution schedule, a flank of representatives (shown above) from the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) is always present to assist beneficiaries with documentary or legal issues, e.g. affidavits, lost birth certificates, etc. thus expediting the beneficiary identification process and the release of the cash aid intended for them.



P7.9M To Be Given To Sendong Survivors Today @ the City Hall

The distribution of financial aid continues this afternoon with P7.9 million set be given out to today’s scheduled batch of Sendong survivors.

City Mayor Vicente Y. Emano calls on Sendong survivors from barangays Bulua and Balulang to come to the City Tourism Hall for their cash aid. In Balulang, residents from the following specific areas will receive assistance:

  • Carinugan
  • Gold City
  • Emily Homes
  • Bacal Galope/Caballero Compound
  • Villa Angela Subdivision
  • Ilaya Centro
  • Balongis
  • Puntod
  • Crusher
  • Villa Nena
  • NHA Lourdesville

Ato kining ika-onse ka hugna sa panghatag sa mga hinabang. Akong gihangyo ang mga katawhan sa maong mga lugar sa pag-adto sa City Hall sa ala-una sa hapon aron modawat sa ilang mga hinabang,” the Mayor announced.

A. Brown Set To Undertake Concreting of Upper Balulang-Pelaez Highway

City Mayor Vicente Y. Emano recently revealed that the A. Brown company has agreed to his request for them to carry out the concreting of the road in Upper Balulang through Green Heights down to the Pelaez Highway. The road project shall commence soon with all expenses shouldered by A. Brown, though with an offer for tax credits.

Bililhon kini kaayo nga dalan nga ma-konkreto, alternate road,” the Mayor said.

Sa gipahibalo nila ni Ginoong Robert Pizzaro sa A. Brown, sugdan nila ang pag-semento sa dalan sa dili madugay,” the Mayor further announced.

VYE Upset Over Frauds Using Cong. Bambi’s Name to Solicit Aid For Sendong Survivors

Both City Mayor Vicente Y. Emano and his son Congressman Bambi Emano were disheartened over a report from the Department of Social Welfare and Development that there are unscrupulous frauds in all regions using the name of Congressman Bambi Emano to solicit cash aid supposedly for the survivors of the typhoon Sendong.

Nagpasabot si Congressman Bambi nga walay si bisan kinsa ang gitahasan nga magsuroy aron sa paggamit sa iyang ngalan ug mangayo og kwarta,” the Mayor vehemently declared.

PNoy, Binay To Formally Turn-over 1,500 House and Lots on April 27

President Benigno Aquino and Vice President Jojo Binay are scheduled to arrive tomorrow, Friday April 27, 2012 to facilitate the turn-over of 1,500 house and lots to the survivors of the recent typhoon and flood,” City Mayor Vicente Y. Emano announced.

According to the Mayor, the houses to be turned over tomorrow are the ones constructed in the Calaanan and Indahag Relocation Sites by the Habitat for Humanity, Oro Habitat, Filipino-Chinese Community, and by the local government.

Also coming over with the President and the Vice President is Secretary Dinky Soliman of the Department of Social Welfare and Development who, the mayor admits, “has contributed so much to the city’s recovery“.

Ang mga lote ug balay sa tanan resettlement areas ihatag nga walay paga-bayaran ang mga benepesaryo,” the Mayor added.

Transfer of Beneficiaries to Permanent Houses Begins

The transfer of bona fide beneficiaries from their tents to their assigned permanent houses in the Calaanan Relocation site commences today.

This was already decided during the recent assembly and consultation proceedings between City Mayor Vicente Y. Emano and the relocatees who were validated for final transfer on April 25.

The transfer was supposed to coincide with President Benigno Aquino III’s visit to the city. However, due to the postponement of the President’s visit, the official schedule for relocation was also postponed to the 27th of April when the city will also formally turn-over the houses to the beneficiaries.

The Mayor, however, declared that he will start moving the beneficiaries today, April 25, so that all those validated for the transfer will have been moved and already in place when the President comes on Friday.

It is reported that there are a total of 320 beneficiary families who will be moved to their permanent relocation sites between April 25 to 27. This, after a very stringent verification and validation process undertaken by the Estate Management Division (EMD).

The transfer process shall be made under the supervision of the Estate Management Division (EMD) with equipment and transportation provided by the city Engineer’s Office and the Barangay Assistance Center (BAC).

Mayor Emano, President Aquino, VP Jejomar Binay, together with local officials and non-governmental organizations shall officially turn-over the quadruplex houses to the initial 320 beneficiaries through raffling.

VYE Approves ‘Baryo-Baryo’ Scheme in the Relocation Sites

Mayor Vicente Y. Emano approved the beneficiaries’ request for a ‘Baryo-Baryo’ arrangement in the assignment of houses where the Sendong survivors will occupy in the Relocation Sites.

The ‘Baryo-Baryo’ scheme was suggested and agreed by the majority of the beneficiaries during the recent consultation and assembly held at the Calaanan Relocation site.

This scheme intends to keep previously established communities intact by assigning, say, Isla de Oro inhabitants to live adjacent to each other. Thus, survivors who previously lived in Cala-cala will be assigned to occupy houses next to each other, and so forth.

This way, the transition is easier and smoother due to the familiar presence of old neighbors and friends around them.

The Mayor also allowed requests for groups of 4 brothers/sisters, each with families of their own, to occupy the 4 rooms of the same quadruplex unit, and for frail senior citizens to occupy houses adjacent to their children’s families.

The beneficiaries expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Mayor for his humane consideration.