Bidding for Modern Traffic Lights System Soon

Bidding for the implementation of the city’s traffic light modernization project is in the offing.

Mayor Vicente Emano said this will involve the installation of about 50 state-of-the-art traffic lights with closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) in key intersections in the city.

Segurado na kana kay aduna nay gahin ang atong dakbayan alang sa pagpatuman sa maong proyekto,” the mayor announced in a press statement.

The mayor deferred the bidding for the project due to the calamity that hit the city last December. However, he said this will take place soon, as the modernization of the city’s traffic system is among the priorities of the city government this year.


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  2. Of the six or so recently installed traffic lights, at least 3 are not operational at all or malfunctioning since 3 months. I wonder what help it will be when CDO has 50 lights and half of them will not be maintained…just think!

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