VYE Approves ‘Baryo-Baryo’ Scheme in the Relocation Sites

Mayor Vicente Y. Emano approved the beneficiaries’ request for a ‘Baryo-Baryo’ arrangement in the assignment of houses where the Sendong survivors will occupy in the Relocation Sites.

The ‘Baryo-Baryo’ scheme was suggested and agreed by the majority of the beneficiaries during the recent consultation and assembly held at the Calaanan Relocation site.

This scheme intends to keep previously established communities intact by assigning, say, Isla de Oro inhabitants to live adjacent to each other. Thus, survivors who previously lived in Cala-cala will be assigned to occupy houses next to each other, and so forth.

This way, the transition is easier and smoother due to the familiar presence of old neighbors and friends around them.

The Mayor also allowed requests for groups of 4 brothers/sisters, each with families of their own, to occupy the 4 rooms of the same quadruplex unit, and for frail senior citizens to occupy houses adjacent to their children’s families.

The beneficiaries expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Mayor for his humane consideration.


One thought on “VYE Approves ‘Baryo-Baryo’ Scheme in the Relocation Sites

  1. Our gratitude to the Almighty for the favor He extended to our City and to our City Officials headed by our Honorable Mayor Vicente “Dongkoy” Y. Emano. His “land banking program” under “PISO-PISO” in the City for the poorest among the poor is an advancement of God’s Kingdom. The mayor is simply the mind, the heart and the hand of God in ushering this program. To all the people of the City of Golden Friendship, let’s continue to pray for our city and our mayor, VYE and the rest of the City Officials. Let us move on by saying…PaDayon Pilipino! – Pastor Roger “POLOY” POTANE, The City and The Church.

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