City Hall Policies Tightened Even More As VYE Sanctioned 47 Employees

City Mayor Vicente Y. Emano reiterated his warning to all city hall employees to strictly abide by its work policies and rules especially regarding their duties and responsibilies as servants of the people.

Just recently, the Mayor has sanctioned a record number of 47 employees which only showed that he really meant business in implementing the policies in city hall.

Of these 47 employees, 44 were penalized with salary forfeiture ranging from 2 to 3 days worth of salaries, while 3 were given 5 to 10 days suspension.

Walay si bisan kinsa nga maka-lingkawas sa pagpahamtang og silot-disiplina, opisyal ka man o’ yanong empleyado, silotan gayud ang angay silotan,” the Mayor again emphatically warned.