Sharers/Renters Receive Financial Aid Finally

Sharers And/Or Renters Who Were Victims of Typhoon Sendong Finally Get Their Share of Cash Aid

Finally, this sharer/renter woman, together with her son and baby, had only to wait a couple more minutes for her turn to receive her cash aid at the City Tourism Hall, May 17, 2012. The past 12 phases of financial distribution had been primarily scheduled only for house/structure owners.



One thought on “Sharers/Renters Receive Financial Aid Finally

  1. Wow! This is how a government should spread the wealth for public good, for the long-term goal of bridging the gap between the rich and poor in Philippine society. This should be a start and should impel other government leaders and local officials to also initiate wealth dispersal for the public good. This is what love from the government is all about. It is should be direct and quick and result-oriented.

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