1,329 Sendong Survivors Now Settled in Relocation Sites

A total of 1,329 families who were survivors of last year’s typhoon Sendong have been properly settled in their own new permanent homes in the 3 relocation sites in the city.

According to a report submitted to City Mayor Vicente “Dongkoy” Y. Emano from the Estate Management Division, 889 survivor families are now settled in Calaanan, Canitoan; while 314 are now in barangay Indahag; and 126 in Bolonsiri, Camaman-an since April this year when the turn-over of houses started.

Mayor Emano is hopeful that a total of 5,000 permanent houses will be completed before the month of August ends so that all Sendong survivors whose houses were washed out or totally damaged will have been decently relocated.

Ms. Nila Padla, chief of the EMD, also reported further that the raffling and posting of the beneficiaries in the various relocation sites have been expedited in response to the Mayor’s desire to have all the survivors settled as soon as possible.