The Pablo Chronicle

Getting Ready for Pablo’s Coming

City Mayor Vicente “Dongkoy” Y. Emano had gathered the leaders of the CDRRMC team, City Hall heads, and other key agencies to discuss plans and maneuvers to be executed before, during and after the typhoon Pablo. CdeO went through the Green Alert (monitor and prepare) on December 2, to Blue Alert (voluntary/pre-emptive evacuation) on December 3, and finally to Red Alert early on December 4. The mayor and his team admitted to having deferred over several days/nights of sleep to make sure of the city’s safety, which of course paid off when at the aftermath, casualty statistics was confirmed to be zero.

Arming Barangay Captains for Pablo

Assistant City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Officer Eng’r. Armen Cuenca (right) briefed CdeO’s barangay captains a couple of days before the arrival of typhoon Pablo @ the City Tourism Hall, giving them information on what to do before, during, and after the typhoon, including the use of emergency communication lines in case of emergencies. Even this early, a considerable number of barangays residents, especially those in the danger zones, have started moving to higher grounds and to the earlier established evacuation centers upon the prodding and advice of barangays leaders.

All available government vehicles were utilized for the evacuation of citizens from critical areas. The Rural Transit Mindanao, Inc. (RTMI) and the Basura Atbp. (BAI) also offered several of their vehicles to help in transporting the evacuees to the various evacuation centers within the city.

Ready for Pablo’s Coming

City Mayor Vicente “Dongkoy” Y. Emano watches the progress of typhoon Pablo on a large projection screen in the City Tourism Hall – cum – CDRRMC Command Center the night before Pablo’s scheduled ‘passing’ over Cagayan de Oro City. The City by then was 100% ready as all plans and contingency measures were already in place and all residents in all high risk areas were already safely evacuated to the evacuation centers which were established days before Pablo’s arrival.

Taking Charge @ the Height of Pablo

City Mayor Vicente “Dongkoy” Y. Emano stepped out of the City Tourism Hall, which was temporarily converted into the City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council Command Center where he personally took charge of the operations, unto the Ysalina Bridge a few moments after Pablo’s height of fury as he continued to oversee the emergency operations conducted by the CDRRMC. With the mayor were the Oro Alert Group, police, fire brigades, and other agencies which were already actively ready even days before the typhoon Pablo’s coming.

Post Pablo Conference

Atty. Leon Du M. Gan, Jr. (2nd from left) answers queries from media people during the Exit Press Confence, December 5, 2012, held at the City Tourism Hall which served as the CDRRMC Command Center during the typhoon Pablo emergency operations. The panel of resource persons included Assistant CDRRMO Eng’r Armen Cuenca (left), City Fire Marshal Shirley Teleron (3rd from left), Acting City Police Director Col. Antonio Montalva(2nd from right), CdeO DILG Director Emil Rana (right), Agricultural Productivity Office Chief Federico R. Gempesaw (top photo, left), CDRRMO and Acting City Eng’r. Mario Batar Batar, CSWD chief Ms. Nena Salon, City Accounting Office chief Ms. Wilma P. Rugay, and 4th ID Liaison Officer Capt. Vincent Uy.

Thanksgiving Mass

A Thanksgiving Mass is to be celebrated on Friday, December 7, 2012 to thank and praise the Almighty Creator for allowing our efforts to succeed and ultimately for keeping us all Cagayanons safe during the typhoon Pablo.

Be there!