Women-PWDs-Youth To Commence Livelihood Skills Training

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More than 500 participants attended the Livelihood Skills Training orientation held at the City Tourism Hall, February 13, 2013. The 3 sectors consisting of Women (Daycare parents), Persons With Disabilities, and Youth were federated by the CSWD for this purpose and in accord with the goals of the Social Services Committee chaired by Councilor Nadya Emano-Elipe (left).

 photo 02132013-TrainingSkillsOrientation-6_zps4ecb7f17.jpgPresident Elipe understood the need to equip the regular ‘kabus’ citizen with skills he can use to make a living.

 photo 02132013-TrainingSkillsOrientation-4_zpsbac4bc08.jpgCouncilor Annie Daba, as Women and Family Relations Committee chair, encourages women to learn skills, even including such skills as welding, for possible employment wherever it is in demand.

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Atty. Leon Du M. Gan, Jr., previous City Administrator, is still actively serving the city by being at the Mayor’s side wherever and whenever his expertise is required. Here, he informs the participants that the city offers assistance to its citizens in many forms, one of which is this skills training program.

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Councilor Alden Bacal acknowledged the big part the TESDA instructors have in molding new skills in the participants of this program. He encouraged the participants to see the program through to its completion as a new skill is never a bad thing.

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Urban and Rural Poor Committee Chair Councilor Alexander Dacer assures that the city government has on its focus the arming of the poor with education and skills to give them a fair chance at helping themselves rise from poverty.

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City Councilor Adrian Barba also took time to grace the event and delivered some inspiring words to the participants.

 photo 02132013-TrainingSkillsOrientation-11_zps395178fc.jpgCouncilor Emmanuel Abejuela excused himself for a few minutes from the on-going council session to give some inspiring words to the women, the PWDs and the youth who are just embarking on a training that promises to make them even more productive in life.

 photo 02132013-TrainingSkillsOrientation-3_zps8e54825a.jpgInday Dahino gives her piece about learning new skills with income augmentation in mind.

 photo 02132013-TrainingSkillsOrientation-7_zps539ac80e.jpgGil Banaag is a man with many talents. On top of being a lawyer, he’s a CPA, and also has a certificate on massage therapy and other skill sets.

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Atty. Maya Enteria urged the women, the physically-challenged, and the out-of-school youths, to take advantage of the training programs offered by the government that aims to give them a chance to acquire skills that would give them an edge in income generation.

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CSWD Chief Nena Salon opened the event with welcoming words to the 3 sectors which were federated for the first time and with a skills training just for them to start them off into productivity.