Finally, Water for GK Village And Camaman-an Relocation Sites

 photo camaman-an-water-1GK_zpsd3cf57ea.jpg
The water connection to the GK Village in Upper Camaman-an (and the relocation sites in Pag-asa and Paglaum) was finally completed and, last March 26, 2013, was ceremonially switched on by City Councilor Nadya Emano-Elipe in the presence of City Mayor Vicente Y. Emano, the City Councilors, the GK Villagers, and guests.

 photo camaman-an-water-3GK_zpsa08d7cec.jpg
Gawad Kalinga’s Tootsie Besinga (right) checks the newly installed faucet.

 photo camaman-an-water-5Paglaum_zpsec0bd290.jpg
City Mayor Vicente “Dongkoy” Y. Emano turns on the water faucet in the Paglaum Relocation Site during the “Ceremonial Switch-On” of the water system for all of the Camaman-an Relocation Sites, March 26, 2013 .

 photo camaman-an-water-4Pagasa_zpsb5543bb5.jpg
Above photo shows Councilors Nadya Emano-Elipe, Prexy Elipe and Vice Mayor Ian Acenas indulging in a little fun time with the water in the Pag-asa Relocation Site.

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PPP: Canitoan

For Both Young and Young @ Heart

 photo 03212013_pppcanitoan-1_zps1972c554.jpg
In this day and age, reading is still fun. And it’s true for both young and young at heart, as shown in photo above taken during the People to People Program held in Canitoan, March 21, 2013. The books and magazines were provided for reading by the City Library.
 photo 03212013_pppcanitoan-2_zpsb350c5ec.jpg
A girl gets a tooth extracted by a dentist from the city hospital.

Express Lane

 photo 03212013_pppcanitoan-8_zpsb7666520.jpg
The elderly gets to be the first in line when the rice packs were distributed during the People to People Program held in Canitoan last March 21, 2013 at their Covered Court. Distribution of rice packs is a regular service offered during every PPP in all barangays of the city, among many other free basic services.
 photo 03212013_pppcanitoan-10_zps30f72cd7.jpg

People to People Program @ Canitoan

 photo 03212013_pppcanitoan-7_zps1fc5c3fa.jpg
City Mayor Vicente Y. Emano chats with some of the couples he just wed in a free mass wedding during the People to People Program in Canitoan recently.
 photo 03212013_pppcanitoan-3_zpsf79b6e43.jpg
Photo shows some residents availing of free fruit trees being distributed by the City Agriculture Office. These are just a couple of free services, among many, being offered by the city government during every PPP implementation in the barangays.

March 21, 2013

PPP: Tignapoloan & Dansolihon


 photo 03202013_ppptignapoloandansolihon-8_zpsac2be22f.jpg
Children swarmed around City Mayor Vicente “Dongkoy” Y. Emano as he started handing out sweets and goodies during the recent PPP held in Tignapoloan and Dansolihon. Basic services and goods were also distributed to residents including 3,100 medicines, 1,588 rice packs, and 611 PhilHealth cards.


 photo 03202013_ppptignapoloandansolihon-5_zpsf424cfe5.jpg
Listening to concerns from barangays residents.

214 Kids Availed of Free ‘Tuli’ in Dansolihon & Tignapoloan

 photo 03202013_ppptignapoloandansolihon-1__zps0c18298b.jpg
A total of 214 young children availed of the free circumcision conducted by the City Health Office during the People to People Program held in Tignapoloan & Dansolihon recently.

The Gigi Cut

 photo 03202013_ppptignapoloandansolihon-2_zps7a6245a0.jpg
Among several free basic services are free haircut (conducted by the Community Improvement Department, right photo) where 235 residents availed of, and distribution of 3,100 medicines to barangays residents.

Service with a Smile

 photo 03202013_ppptignapoloandansolihon-3_zpse54d5440.jpg
With several young faces looking up to her in anticipation, this lady scoops up a cup of tasty champorado for each of the kids surrounding her during the city government’s People to People Program held in Tignapoloan and Dansolihon.

 photo 03202013_ppptignapoloandansolihon-4_zps79107d0a.jpg
Ok, now that we have our champorado in hand, let’s discuss the first order of the day…hmmm…yeah, day care centers.

March 20, 2013

Computer/Projector Sets for 2 CdeO High Schools

 photo 03182013_flag-3_zps7eaa2154.jpg

City Mayor Vicente “Dongkoy” Y. Emano expressed his gratitude for the generosity of the Kabataan Partylist whose representatives (2nd and 3rd from right) came over to formally turnover 8 computer sets and 2 projector sets intended for the Cugman National High School and the Macabalan National High School.

 photo 03182013_flag-2_zpsbab45c2d.jpg

 photo 03182013_flag-4_zps4ba91b93.jpg

Brilliant CdeO Kids Come Home with Trophies

 photo 03112013-flagl-5_zpsc4d4c333.jpg

 photo 03112013-flagl-3_zpsba9620c3.jpg

City Mayor Vicente “Dongkoy” Y. Emano poses with the three (3) pupils from City Central School who proved themselves exceptional during the National Science Class Fair last February 8-10, 2013 in Baguio City. These kids came to thank the mayor for funding their trip to Baguio City where Joseph Angelo Alcala (2nd from right) & Reysonn Joss V. Ruiz (3rd from right) grabbed a trophy for their investigative project, and Shekinah Niña Paraiso (2nd from left) earned the 4th Runner Up title as Bb. Kalikasan. Science Coach Ms. Aida H. Sambas (right) and Teachers’ Club Prexy Mr. John Salbalosa (left) accompanied the pupils during the flagraising ceremony @ City Hall, March 11, 2013.

March is Fire Prevention Month

 photo 03112013-flagl-1_zps0ae80da5.jpg

 photo 03112013-flagl-2_zpse1353b57.jpg

A couple of musically-inclined Firemen render an original song which calls for everybody’s cooperation to prevent loss of life and property by being responsible and watchful citizens especially in preventing fire disasters. City Fire Marshal C/Insp. Shirley Teleron (above) announced that, in celebration of the Fire Prevention Month, the Fire Department is sponsoring several activities focused on bringing awareness to fire prevention practices to the people. Mayor Emano also informed Teleron of a Fire Truck donation soon to arrive for the CdeO Fire Department.

Looking for Workers For Canada

 photo 03112013-peso-2_zps8846cb85.jpg

 photo 03112013-peso-1_zps1e73a002.jpg

The Staffhouse International Resources Corp. is conducting interviews at the Public Employment Services Office (PESO) @ City Hall looking for Pork Production technicians bound for Canada. PESO Chief Ms. Juvy Paza (left) facilitated the activity as part of the city’s drive to help job seekers find jobs both locally and internationally. CIOPHOTO