City Commends Bureau of Customs

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City Mayor Vicente “Dongkoy” Y. Emano and Vice Mayor Caesar Ian E. Acenas gave a plaque to District Customs Collector Atty Ma. Lourdes Mangawang commending the Bureau of Customs of Cagayan de Oro District, which under her leadership successfully implemented a no-nonsense drive against smuggling that led to the recent confiscation of 5,000 bags of smuggled imported rice worth P9M thus erasing the notion that the city is fast becoming a trans-shipment center of smuggled goods and contraband items in this part of the country. CIOPHOTO

Mayor Vicente Y. Emano, in a short speech after handing over the plaque of commendation, again, congratulated Atty. Mangawang for her steadfastness in upholding the policies of good governance in the Bureau of Customs. He reiterated that smuggled rice, which often are sold at a much lower price than the local rice, does not help the plight of the local farmers at all. With the anti-smuggling campaign of the Bureau of Customs, the mayor believes that there is hope yet for a better future for the rice farmers in Cagayan de Oro and neighboring provinces. He urges Mangawang to continue to pursue her campaign against lawless smugglers.