“Art Tsada” Artist’s Mobile Exhibit Begins @ City Hall

City Mayor Vicente “Dongkoy” Y. Emano and Vice Mayor Caesar Ian E. Acenas (left) checked out the artworks on display beside the new city hall building where the Art Tsada artists decided to kick off their Mobile Art Exhibit. One particular artwork (see below) caught the eye of Mayor Emano which was the artist’s rendering of an actual tree in Isla de Oro that saved a lot of lives during the height of the Sendong typhoon last year. The Mayor has ordered for the tree to be fenced and preserved and a marker placed in its vicinity to make known its life-saving role during the city’s Sendong ordeal.

The Tree of Life Artwork

The actual Tree of Life in Isla de Oro


Women to Lead Tree Planting in Isla de Oro on March 14

In line with City Mayor Vicente Y. Emano’s intent to convert Isla de Oro into a Tree Park and Recreational Area, a tree planting event shall be held on the island early morning of March 14 which will be led by groups of women, in congruence with March being Women’s month.

Ang pag-pananom sa ‘Bakhaw’ ug Golden Bamboo tipik sa mga kalihukan nga gihan-ay nila ni Kagawad Nadya Emano-Elipe, Annie Daba ug Dante Pajo alayon sa kasaulogan sa “Women’s Month” ning bulana,” the mayor said.

The Mayor thanked barangay officials, the Executive Committee members, and other agencies for supporting this upcoming event.

Pre-development Inspection @ Isla de Oro


Pre-development Inspection

City Mayor Vicente “Dongkoy” Y. Emano confers with Eng’r Mario Batar, City Assessor Atinodoro Asequia, and some barangay officials as he checks out the map and development plans during his inspection of Isla de Oro, February 16, 2012. The mayor is pushing through with his plan to turn the island into a park.

City Mayor Vicente “Dongkoy” Y. Emano inspects Isla de Oro in preparation for the implementation of the plan to convert the island into a park. A memorial wall is also projected to be built here and, if plans push through, the night café/night market shall also be moved here.

Archbishop Ledesma Supports Emano on Isla de Oro

Mayor Vicente “Dongkoy” Y. Emano praised Cagayan de Oro Archbishop Antonio Ledesma after the latter supported the local government’s plan to move the Night Cafe from Divisoria to Isla de Oro.

In another note, the Mayor reiterated his warning for everyone to be on alert as there are unscrupulous people who are out to deceive others into thinking they will get a ‘house and lot’ in the relocation site if they give P500.00 now.

“All the houses that are currently being built (in the relocation areas) and those yet to be constructed are all free, and definitely not for sale,” the Mayor informed.

Development of Isla de Oro As Recreational Area Begins

The development of Isla de Oro as a recreational area shall commence; where trees and bamboos will be planted, and basketball and volleyball courts will be installed,” the mayor stated.

mayor emanoIt would be a waste to just demolish the island. Thus, for the public to best benefit from it, let’s convert it into a tree park where we’ll install basketball and volleyball courts which can be freely used by everyone who wishes to exercise,” the mayor clarified.

The mayor strongly advocated the development of Isla de Oro after President Noynoy Aquino ordered that no one be allowed to live in the island anymore.

Isla de Oro To Become Park & Playground

To make Isla de Oro useful, inasmuch as the island will soon be fully abandoned by its occupants, we’ll turn it into a park and playground area” suggested City Mayor Vicente “Dongkoy” Y. Emano.

isla de oro cagayan de oro


He further said that he intends to have the island planted with trees and  basketball courts put up for the public as it would be a waste to demolish it.

The mayor announced this plan after suggestions about condemning the island came up.  Some quarters wanted to excavate half of the island to fill the other half thus elevating it and at the same time widening the Cagayan River.


Source: CIO Press Release