Winning Poems

The following poems are the winners in the Poetry Writing Contest hosted by the Liga ng mga Barangay during the CdeO’s 1st Educational Fair held in Limketkai Mall last March 16-23, 2012.

My Mother
by Mari Justin Akut of Liceo Grade School [First Place]

My mother is glorious
Day by day she gets gorgeous
She works for us to live
And she makes us believe
That dreams do existMy mother is loving
She brings out life’s meaning
Her arms that are comforting
And her words that are soothing
Gives me a blissful feelingMy mother never puts me in harm
And she does everything to keep safe and warm
But when distance holds us apart
She’ll forever be in my heart
For she is my mother
I wouldn’t want any other.

Wondrous Planet
by Julian Bart Olano of Pilgrim Christian College [Second Place]

Mantle, Crust and Core
They are beauties under the floor
It’s so hot but pureIs it just me or the world’s getting hot?
Is it because of us or not? Yest it is
Change is the solution
In order to make a difference in every nationReduce, reuse, recycle and refuse
Follow these steps and you’ll be amused
Of what you have done
Now all of the bad air will be gone

Land, Air, and water are they meant to be abused?
No, they are not
They are nature’s creation and meant to be cared.

My Mother
by Nicole Mae Velez of East City Central School [Third Place]

She wakes me up early in the morning
She cooks our supper in the evening
She provides anything
She’s amazing!

She giver her hugs and kisses
Which I never loses
She gives her love and care
That I could dare

I know until I grow up
Her endless love will never stip
Someone whose love
Treats me like a dove

Now on my last part
Whether near or far apart
Promise to say,
That I will be a better mom someday.


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